#TeacherFeature : Meet Baye


Get to know one of our newest yoga teachers! BAYE!


- tell us a fun fact about you! 

The first time I lived in NOLA I was a high school math teacher and cheerleading coach!  My squad marched in 7 Mardi Gras parades!

- what is your favorite pose right now?

Dancers pose is always my favorite pose.  It’s always challenging, it’s always humbling, and once in a while it’s beautiful.

- what made you want to be a yoga teacher? 

In the most simple terms: I think yoga is awesome and I love sharing awesome things with people.  Yoga has so positively impacted my life and mind and body that I want to share that transformative power with anyone who is interested!

- what are you up to when not teaching yoga? 

I love to run, spin, ski, and be in the sun.  I also work at Entergy in corporate services.  I like to do yoga in my cubicle.

- what’s your favorite place to eat in Nola? 

I like eating at the bar at Peshe.  Delicious food, great people watching, and fantastic bartenders.  Also, I work downtown and I get a coffee and a chocolate chip cookie from Willa Jean about 3x a week.  I’m on a lifelong quest for the best chocolate chip cookie in the city.  Feel free to send all contenders my way!