yoga challenges

Reduced stress, sound sleep, improvement of many medical conditions, allergy and asthma symptom relief, lower blood pressure, lower heart rate, spiritual growth, sense of well-being, reduced anxiety and muscle tension, increased strength and flexibility, slowed aging process. Everyone practices for different reasons, both physical and spiritual. The real beauty of yoga is that it heals and improves everything, all over, inside out, from deep in your bones to the surface of your skin.

• Practice 21 days in a row. If you miss a day, make up with 2 classes in 1 day.
• Choose from any and all of our classes.
• Buy a monthly unlimited class card for only $75.

Complete the 21 Day Challenge and receive:
• Free LIFE reusable shopping bag.
• A Private Session with Alex Price!
• 1 Elephant Pants mystery Box!

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